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Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

If you are running a website that has a lot of images and similar content, a Content Delivery Network might be useful for you as it can help in reducing page load times.

A content delivery network (CDN) can speed up your site and help to protect it against traffic spikes. The Internet was designed according to the end-to-end principle.This principle keeps the core network relatively simple and moves the intelligence as much as possible to the network end-points: the hosts and clients. As a result the core network is specialized, simplified, and optimized to only forward data packets.

A CDN provider uses its multiple servers across the globe to serve your static content to visitors from various regions (simple logic: geographically closer means quicker pageviews).

Some of the major advantages of using a CDN are as follows:

  • Websites load quicker.
  • Saves a lot of bandwidth — ideal for heavy traffic websites or those with limited shared hosting accounts.
  • Less pressure on your hosting server.

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WP Link Preview Plugin

The WP Link Preview Plugin is of great use, it helps the users to know where the target URLs is leading too. It provides a preview of any link by using the WordPress services. On using this Plugin, you can definitely add value to your website. It is a total new approach to know beforehand without visiting any link. It has cross browser compatibility and many more functions. Continue reading WP Link Preview Plugin