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XBMC evolves to Kodi

As announced, earlier in 01 August 2014, One of the most popular open-source media center applications XBMC, starting with version 14, will become “Kodi”. XBMC 13.2 Gotham will be the last version using the XBMC name. All future versions will be named Kodi Entertainment Center.

You can read more about the rename on the official blog here and about the new art and branding here.

The XBMC-er, Kodi Team explained that part of the name change was because the original “Xbox Media Center (XBMC)” is long outdated compared to what the software can do today. They noted that it barely runs on the Xbox at all anymore, and they wanted to clearly move away from a “media center” to an “entertainment center” since it’s no longer just media—you can play games, stream from the web, connect to your mobile devices, and more. Of course, any name containing Xbox in it might had some legal issues, not to mention no real legal control over the full “XBMC” name.

Therfore, as of the upcoming release of XBMC 14 the project will formally transition over to the new name of ‘Kodi’.  Migration won’t be easy, and XMBC/Kodi developers have a lot of handwork ahead; code has to be adjusted to use the new title throughout, and this has to be tested and double-checked on every platform it supports.

But they now seem to be past that, and earlier in November,  they announced the release of Beta cycle for Kodi 14.0 Helix , currently downloadable in Beta 5booming to the first release candidate.

Before the first release candidate, there’s another beta version for testing. Of course, this version includes new home screen with the new logo and several corrections. As always, especially if you are considering early adopting the beta, please make a backup of your settings and addons for XBMC / Kodi before upgrading.

For the end user, the changes are really in name and branding. Of course release 14.0 is also including several bug fixes and improvements, as expected out of a new release. The software will stay the same, the code licensing is still GPL 2.0. For the time it’s mostly just a new cool name and a new look for a product we all know and love, but hopefully this will also lead to more and more improvements.

For the best guides on setting XBMC, oooopps Kodi, checkout,,,, etc

Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

If you are running a website that has a lot of images and similar content, a Content Delivery Network might be useful for you as it can help in reducing page load times.

A content delivery network (CDN) can speed up your site and help to protect it against traffic spikes. The Internet was designed according to the end-to-end principle.This principle keeps the core network relatively simple and moves the intelligence as much as possible to the network end-points: the hosts and clients. As a result the core network is specialized, simplified, and optimized to only forward data packets.

A CDN provider uses its multiple servers across the globe to serve your static content to visitors from various regions (simple logic: geographically closer means quicker pageviews).

Some of the major advantages of using a CDN are as follows:

  • Websites load quicker.
  • Saves a lot of bandwidth — ideal for heavy traffic websites or those with limited shared hosting accounts.
  • Less pressure on your hosting server.

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