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Android Applications not available on Google Play Store

Google Play Store has over 1,3 applications available for Android users, but still you just won’t find certain apps there. Despite Android users being able to choose from the largest selection of apps  with 1.3 million apps, while Apple’s App Store remains the second-largest app store with 1.2 million available apps, google has some tight regulations for Android apps and it simply removes applications if they breach its terms. For instance,

  • you won’t find applications that can download videos or music from YouTube.
  • You also won’t find ad blockers for Android.

Those are just two types of apps forbidden on Google Play, but still there are quite a few that are actually interesting. Some well known and some not known in general. While discussing this with some friends, we got to the question “What are Android Apps that are not available in Google play?” and possibly why? Continue reading Android Applications not available on Google Play Store