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Weiyun Tencent Disk Storage Sync Application Update (English Language)

How much shareable cloud storage can you get for free nowadays?

We’ve talked in the past about services like Dropbox, probably the most popular option, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc. But we’ve concluded that some of the Chinese Storage Providers, like Weiyun Tencent offer an unbeatable amount of free storage. Since July 2012, the Chinese web giant released its cloud service with a whopping 10TB of free storage, and it now reports 300 million registered users.


However, there are issues with the Weiyun Application as this is available only in Chinese. Now translation isn’t impossible but who speaks Chinese? Well over a Billion !!! 😀

Many have tried to share updated lang files for the relevant application, but it seems that all gave up after some time. We decided to give it a go and simply using Google Translate go through the relevant files on the i18N folder and make the available in English.

(Alternative Share)

Have in mind that the latest applications for download are available at
(Android, iPhone, Ipad, Windows and Mac)
Of course the web interface (translatable with Google Translate) is available at

For the English Version of the Application for Android see here

Credits to for maintaining a version until March 2014, which while it works, it’s missing a lot of the new additions to the windows application.

Now if Weiyun Tencent is not right for you, but still need online storage space, perhaps you’d like 100GB for Free by the Sweedish Degoo.

Android Applications not available on Google Play Store

Google Play Store has over 1,3 applications available for Android users, but still you just won’t find certain apps there. Despite Android users being able to choose from the largest selection of apps  with 1.3 million apps, while Apple’s App Store remains the second-largest app store with 1.2 million available apps, google has some tight regulations for Android apps and it simply removes applications if they breach its terms. For instance,

  • you won’t find applications that can download videos or music from YouTube.
  • You also won’t find ad blockers for Android.

Those are just two types of apps forbidden on Google Play, but still there are quite a few that are actually interesting. Some well known and some not known in general. While discussing this with some friends, we got to the question “What are Android Apps that are not available in Google play?” and possibly why? Continue reading Android Applications not available on Google Play Store

Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

If you are running a website that has a lot of images and similar content, a Content Delivery Network might be useful for you as it can help in reducing page load times.

A content delivery network (CDN) can speed up your site and help to protect it against traffic spikes. The Internet was designed according to the end-to-end principle.This principle keeps the core network relatively simple and moves the intelligence as much as possible to the network end-points: the hosts and clients. As a result the core network is specialized, simplified, and optimized to only forward data packets.

A CDN provider uses its multiple servers across the globe to serve your static content to visitors from various regions (simple logic: geographically closer means quicker pageviews).

Some of the major advantages of using a CDN are as follows:

  • Websites load quicker.
  • Saves a lot of bandwidth — ideal for heavy traffic websites or those with limited shared hosting accounts.
  • Less pressure on your hosting server.

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Need More Storage?

There is a saying like “You can’t ever get enough of…” and storage is one of these things! With a few cloud storage providers giving up and a few other remain stronger.

There’s an estimated 1 exabyte worth of data being stored in the cloud. That’s more than 1 million gigabytes. So it’s little wonder all the major names are constantly evolving their services, hoping to keep users and attract new ones. But how much storage can you get for free? How about Terabytes?

We’ve got some of the famous cloud storage providers like:

  • Google Drive – Giving away free 15GB and paid plans starting at 100 GB for $1.99/month
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Giving 7GB + 8GB by Refering Friends and Actively Using OneDrive with your Mobile. Paid Plans starting at 25 GB now for $2.50 user/month with annual commitment (A promise of 1TB paid soon)
  • Dropbox – Starting at 2 GB for free on standard accounts and going up to 18 GB (free, 500 MB for each referral person. Still HTC Sense 4 & 5 device owners get 25 GB free and Samsung device owners get 50 GB free. Paid plan Pro gives 100GB for $9.99 a month
  • – Allowing a 50GB for free with 10 GB traffic/30  minutes. Paid Plans start at 500GB with 12TB traffic for 9.99 Euro/month
  • Mediafire – Gives 15GB for starters and you can earn up to up to 36GB (free, 1GB per referral and other social linking offers). Paid plan give 1TB for $4.99 $2.49 / month (pay yearly get 2 months free)
  • – Gives 15 GB right at the beginning and you can earn up to 25GB (extra 5 GBs for each completed referral +5GB for the referral). Min Paid plan gives 250 GB for $9.99 per Month (allows electronically signing documents with SignNow)

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