Google Play Store has over 1,3 applications available for Android users, but still you just won’t find certain apps there. Despite Android users being able to choose from the largest selection of apps  with 1.3 million apps, while Apple’s App Store remains the second-largest app store with 1.2 million available apps, google has some tight regulations for Android apps and it simply removes applications if they breach its terms. For instance,

  • you won’t find applications that can download videos or music from YouTube.
  • You also won’t find ad blockers for Android.

Those are just two types of apps forbidden on Google Play, but still there are quite a few that are actually interesting. Some well known and some not known in general. While discussing this with some friends, we got to the question “What are Android Apps that are not available in Google play?” and possibly why?

Starting we must take a few seconds to focus on

F-Droid an open source Android app market, with many free apps like AdBlock, AdAway, and other useful apps here, forbidden in Google Play.

Amazon App Store the biggest Google Play competitor as Amazon is quite serious for its Android app business. Their apps require you to be connected to the Internet and also have this app installed (like a DRM of sorts) in order to function at all. With its daily free app promo, there is plenty to like about the Amazon Appstore for both users and developers.

Category – Music/Video

  • MIUI Music
    Type: Music player / streamer
    MIUI Music is the stock music app in Xiaomi phones, and while the devices themselves are not all that popular outside of Asia, the app itself is a strange creation that allows you to download music on your phone for free. Using MIUI Music feels a bit like using Spotify Premium, without having to pay anything at all.
  • VideoMix
    Type: Video player/stream/library
    A russian application that allows you to watch TV and movies online. Features also a Directory of descriptions of video content with links to third-party online resources.
    Download Here
  • TV Portal
    Type: Video streamer
    TV Portal is Hulu for all the regions where Hulu is not supported. And it’s free. You get to stream thousands of movies and TV series, all of your favorite content to your Android Tablet / Smartphone / Google TV or Mini Computer. Only downside is that the quality is not always high-definition. Still, this will easily become movie junkies favorite app.
    Download on Uptodown
  • TubeMate
    Type: YouTube downloader
    With help of this tool for android you can download YouTube videos into various formats. Once upon a time, TubeMate was available on the then Android Market (now Google Play), but Google went strict on regulations and removed the application for its capability to download videos straight from YouTube. That does not mean that TubeMate died, though. You can still easily get the app to taste and enjoy the forbidden fruit of YouTube downloads.
    Download on
  • XMBC for Android
    Type: Video/Music Streamer& Library
    Entertainment hub for digital media. Can work well as a standalone, and is the perfect companion to use with a Home Theater PC(HTPC). You can learn more about it here.
  • Dood’s Music Streamer
    Type: Music Streamer
    Stream and Download Music. In the world of music streaming, you often get something too complicated, requiring registrations, fees and so on. Dood’s Music Streamer is barebones and free, allowing you to download and stream all the music you want – and it can cache songs for offline playback.
    Download on Uptodown
  • Apollo music player
    Type: Music Player
    It’s a music player, it plays music and stuff.
  • OG YouTube
    Type: Youtube Downloader
    Download YouTube Videos in all qualities(3GB, FLV, MP4, MP3), multiple downloads at the same time, continues to play with screen off, and more. Inverted colors and subtitles download to come soon.
  • Pandora ‘mobilism’ on TPB, on Mobilism
    Type: Music Streamer/Radio
    Unlimited song skips, no ads, but still has 40 hour play limit though. I think 4.1.2 is the latest version. The 4.1 one on TPB doesn’t have the 40 hour play limit, but 4.1.2 does
  • TinyShark and TinyShark Downloader
    Type: Music Streamer
    Stream and download all kinds of music
  • Showbox
    Category: Video Streamer
    Amazing collection of Movies and TV-shows. Absolutely free. You can download them on your Android device or watch online.
    Downloat on ShowBoxDownload

Category – Hacking/Android Tools

  • FaceNiff
    Price: Free
    Category: Hacking/Sniffing
    An Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. Does NOT work on WiFi that uses EAP, but should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK).
    Download Here (REQUIRES ROOT)
  • Market Helper
    Price: Free
    Category: Hacking
    Spoof your Android device to download incompatible apps from the Play Store. Emulate another device’s fingerprint, make it look like you’re on another carrier, etc.
  • Market Unlocker
    Price: Free
    Category: Hacking
    No longer be limited to you country’s Play Store app selection.
  • Adobe Flash Player
    Price: Free
    Category: Andoid Tools
    Lot’s of stuff now requires flash. Carefully read and then follow the instructions provided in the link, video tutorial is also included. Not officially supported on 4.x devices.
  • WiFi Kill for 4.x only; for 2.1 to < 4.x devices only – grab devices’ traffic, show websites visited of targeted devices, shows bytes of data transferred by devices, tablet friendly. Free version has no ads, but shuts down after 5 minutes, and will have more limitations in the future. Price of pro version will increase later on (all developer’s words, not mine).
  • DroidSheep
    Price: Free
    Category: Hacking
    For security analysis in wireless networks and capturing facebook, twitter, linkedin and other accounts; hijack sessions basically.
  • LMT Launcher
    Price: Free
    Category: Android Tools
    Controls to launch apps, shortcuts, etc. and is not a launcher in the sense of GO Launcher or Nova. Here’s a set up guide.
  • dSploit
    Price: Free
    Category: Android Tools
    Droidsheep, WifiKill, and any other network penetration app all in one. Also check Network Spoofer – prank version of dSploit.
  • Lucky Patcher
    Price: Free
    Category: Android Tools
    Modify app permissions, bypass limitations within apps, play games that you normally couldn’t because you don’t have a data connection/wifi, etc.
  • Chronus CyanogenMod Home & Lock screen Clock, Weather, News feed & Calendar
    Type: Android Tools
    Home & Lock screen Clock, Weather, News feed & Calendar widget.See features video here
    Download on XDA
  • Router Keygen
    Type: Hacking
    Generates default WPA/WEP keys for routers. Will get regularly updated to support more routers.

Category – Emulators, Gaming

  • Snes9x
    Price: Free
    Type: Emulator
    Snes9x is probably the best emulator out there, but for some reason it was pulled from Google Play. Like many others, it still exists and is still as good, you just need to know where to get it from for a healthy dose of vintage gaming.
    Download on X+Alpha
  • N64oid
    Category: Emulator
    N64oid is the very famous N64 emulator optimized for Android. It is a port of Mupen64plus, along with Ari64’s ARM dynarec. Run most games smoothly at a reasonable speed with sound. This requires you have a high-end device (Nexus-S, Galaxy-S, Xoom, etc).  Best game compatibility compared to all other N64 emulators on mobile devices.
    Download on SourceForge, on SlideME
  • Humble Bundle App
    Type: Game
    Download your purchased Humble Bundle for Android games. Must have and account, and bundles tied to your account.
  • Pokemon Tower Defense
    Type: Game
    Tower defense game featuring Pokemon, where you can catch, train, and use Pokemon to help you out.

Category – Adult, XXX, Porn

  • HexPorn – basic front-end. Developer is planning in implementing the collaborative marking of good parts in videos, and personalized recommendations. See the developer here.
  • PlanetPron – moar porn. Also has decoy icon.
  • MiKandi – adult app store, download more porn apps. Heard good things about PxxxTube.
  • PornHub app – watch porn.
  • SexTube – watch porn. Might be better than the PornHub app. You can disguise its icon to look like it would be for settings.

Category – Other

  • AdAway
    Type: Ad blocker
    Google Play decided it will no longer tolerate application blockers on Android. We understand Google – after all that’s where most of its profits come from, ads! That does not mean that there is no way to get rid of sometimes too obtrusive ads on Android. AdAway is one great option.
    Download on F-Droid
  • K-9 Mail
    Type: Email Client
    K-9 Mail is an open source email client focused on making it easy to chew through large volumes of email. Way ahead form the one available in the Play Store.
  • Westeros Map
    Type: Fans
    Searchable George R.R. Martin’s world map, for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. Hodor.
  • Mango
    Type: Reader
    Manga(Japanese comic) reader app, with over 9,000(not sure if pun, or serious) comics to choose from
  • Transdroid
    Type: Downloads/Torrents
    Manage your torrents from anywhere, and all popular torrent clients are supported.

Any other apps you know off and Google doens’t really want to know? Let us know on the comments bellow

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