DataLife Engine v7.5



DataLife Engine v7.5 Press Release

A main stage of the development of version 7.5, released for testing and training, as well as we invite you to be informed about what will happen to you with a new version. This release has added support for smartphones, new opportunities in the static pages, as well as enhanced multimedia capabilities script, as well as we have tried to add a large number of expected new opportunities script, but all details …

The following changes have been developed and implemented:

1. Added automatic support for the complete view of your site with smartphones. When you visit your site the script will automatically detect that the site went from a mobile phone and switch the template script in a specially prepared Ownership pattern and, if necessary, to save bandwidth remove all the images from the news. To support mobile versions of the site requires a special folder template smartphone. At the moment, supported by almost all known models, if your smartphone is not determined by the script, you must report this to the forum. Check whether your phone supports or not, you can on this site, please contact from your mobile phone if your phone has not been determined, and you do not see the mobile version of the site, then send information about your phone according to the instructions in the appropriate forum topic _http: / / showtopic = 40561.

2. In setting the script added a new section, where you can configure the automatic support of smartphones your site. In this section you can enable or disable the automatic support of smartphones, as well as enable or disable images in the news when you view your site from your mobile phone.

3. Now it’s possible spoilers investments in each other.

4. Added the ability to mass when downloading files also indicate the various settings on the download page files. You can specify a size for the reduced copy of which side it reduced to establish whether the reduced copy, etc.

5. Added the withdrawal of the keyword meta tags in the cloud tag title, while watching all the news on that keyword.

6. Added improved and full support for Adobe Flash Payer 10.

7. Added full compatibility module bulk upload files to the server with the browser Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

8. In setting the group added a feature to restrict certain groups download the avatars to the server. To do this, your maximum size avatar, specify either 0 or -1.

9. Added support for the tag [c*o*d*e] text [/c*o*d*e] in the static pages.

10. From the calendar on the site removed the reference to the months that have not occurred that prevents the emergence of non-existent pages for indexing search engine Google.

11. Added preview function in the creation and editing of static pages, as well as the rules of the site.

12. Added support for print versions for static pages. To view a printable version is a template static_print.tpl. For the formation of a reference to a printer-friendly version of the static page template used tags [p*r*i*n*t-l*i*n*k] text [/p*r*i*n*t-l*i*n*k] .

13. Now it is possible to download for static pages, not just pictures, but also a variety of other files, the expansion of that list in your script.

14. When viewing a static page script for the search engines give priority to the date of creation of static pages, or edit the date as the date for the document HTML.

15. Change the principles of forming “Print” for news. If the big news is broken on the page, the print version shows all of the news entirely, not just one page as it was before.

16. In the setting of groups added to specify the maximum number of characters in the signature, which visitors can add to your website.

17. In the setting of groups added to specify the maximum number of characters in a brief information about yourself.

18. Improved control system changes the IP address. If you turn this control, the script does not exercise control to change the IP address, and control network, thus if you have a dynamic IP address and an Internet connection, the gap, then re-connect and get a new IP address from your provider on the same subnet, the script will not be Automatically razloginivaniya website. Automatic razloginivanie will be made only if the change in the subnet.

19. New preventive measures to eliminate “junk” from the comments and user profile. If in your group banned publication of the notes or in profile klikabelnyh links or images, in case you still add them using tags [u*r*l] or [i*m*g], in which case the comment will be rejected completely, will also be rejected and the information added in the user profile. Also at the illegal characters filtered fields “Full Name” and “Location.”

20. Added new feature activation script in the manual mode, for example, if your site is prohibited outgoing connections and the script can not automatically connect to our server for activation. You do not need to send us a request to activate the script, all the necessary instructions on activating the script will ask you to yourself and you’ll get a special code, enter your script which is activated in the absence of internet connection to our server. In other words, the existence of the Internet to activate the script is no longer a requirement script.

21. Excluded appearance in a cloud of tags, the tags assigned to the news that had not yet received Moderation and not published on the site.

22. In a cloud of tags added to help with the inquiry concluded the cursor to the tag on the number of news related to this tag.

23. Added the withdrawal of key words from the cloud of tags in the search results on the site. To do this in a template searchresult.tpl used tags:

[tags] {tags} [/tags]

24. Added output of the editor of news when the results of search on the site. To do this in a template searchresult.tpl added the use of tags: [e*d*i*t-d*a*t*e] text [/e*d*i*t-d*a*t*e] displays text if the news was edited, {e*d*i*t-d*a*t*e} displays the date, news editing, {e*d*i*t*o*r} displays user login by editing the news, [e*d*i*t-r*e*a*s*o*n] text [/e*d*i*t-r*e*a*s*o*n] it displays the text when editing a state the reason for editing, {e*d*i*t-r*e*a*s*o*n} displays cause editing news.

25. Reduced load on the server when you view the latest comments on the site, provided that the group is not to see the hidden partition.

26. In the module, “search and replace” added the choice of search and replace key words from the cloud of tags.

27. Added sorting alphabetically in the module “filter words” for more convenient and rapid search for the word in the list, with a large number of words in the filter.

28. Added support for playlists while playing the video in Flash Player format. Flv, to publish multiple videos, which will in turn play, just to list them separated by commas URL, for example:

Note: this feature is not supported for files in the format of AVI. Also in the player is off the automatic downloading of video, upon entering the page when the visitor is not pressed to watch the video.

29. Changed the player to play the audio file format MP3, is a similar player that in order to play the video. Example player you can see on the official site our page.

30. Added support for playlists while playing the audio file format MP3, thus you can create and publish their own podcasts. To publish multiple audio files to be played alternately, simply list them separated by commas URL, for example:

31. Added Document breakdown news under your script when viewing a user profile and news awaiting moderation.

32. Change the principles of the setting “Automatic resizing of images to remote.” This setting is used now for all the images in the tag [img], but only for pictures in other people’s servers, not on your own.

33. Improved compatibility with various settings of the script server software, in particular those relating to setting magic quotes.

34. Updated WYSIWYG editor to the current version. This version fixes some bugs in the editor.

35. Numerous optimization HTML code used in a script file, to ensure valid XHTML standards. For example, the site _http: / / Uri =

36. Fixed problem where some of encodings, and in certain settings, the server can be a problem with the shielding box when you add or redaktirirovanii using AJAX.

37. Fixed a problem that does not automatically authorize the user on the site, immediately after its registration.

38. Fixed problem where the guests could not change the template on a site that automatically returns the default template.

39. The module creating sitemap for Google and Yandex fixed the problem with which the map appeared in reference to the term of the publication of news which has not yet come, if they were published in the future.

40. Fixed all the previously declared and small mistakes in the script.




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